Italian Gelato

Frankies is proud to provide to our customers real homemade "Italian Gelato". It has been 3 years in the making and it has been a real hit in the Adirondack Park.

How It Is Served

  • Single - A single flavor served in an elegant stemmed glass with a Pizelle or almond cookie.
  • Sampler - Three flavors in smaller glasses
  • Take-Out - Served in a styrofoam cooler that will keep the gelato frozen for up to 2 hours


Apricot Peach
Tiramusu Orange
Italian Vanilla Peanut Butter
Lemon Banana
Pistachio Dark Chocolate
Rasberry Torrone

Other Flavors
To add variety to the choice of flavors, Frankie may add crushed Italian nugget candy, or honey and nuts, and is currently working a new flavor similar to Rocky Road, but it will be called Rocky Balboa.

Another new flavor being worked on is "Chocolate Chili Pepper". It is really chocolate and then all of a sudden you feel a bite of the hot chili peppers.

Please check back often more more flavors.